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Welcome to Sanbury: Home of the Pulled Pork Hog Roast


Sanbury is a professional Hog Roast and Slow Cooking Company. We provide Pulled Pork Hog Roasts and slow cooked meats across Essex and the surrounding counties. All our meat is free range and sourced from local farmers ensuring the highest quality produce, whilst supporting local trade and jobs. Our aim is to provide a professional, reliable and friendly service. This is why we consider ourselves to be Essex’ Premier Hog Roast and Slow Cooking Company. Unlike many other companies who claim to be local but are in fact national franchises, we are based in Essex, just outside Billericay.


Why Pulled Pork Hog Roast?


Hog Roasts are a great spectacle that will keep you and your guests talking for days. We offer a cost effective way of feeding guests and creating an entertaining feature of the meal at the same time. We slow cook all of our meats (the average hog taking 18 hours to cook) to ensure the most succulent meat that falls off the bone - literally! As well as 'Hog', we can offer other meats and vegetarian options if any of your guests do not eat pork.

We offer exceptional value, with no hidden costs whether you are organising a corporate event, private function, wedding, sporting or charity event.